Rent A Car Braila-Take Over From Airport

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rent a car brailaThere are many people who come in Romania and need to rent a car in 1 of these 2 major cities: Braila or Galati.

Some of these people arrive in Romania by airplane and since they are foreigners they don’t know how to reach their destination: Braila.

There aren’t many airports in Romania and the ones used by people who need to rent a car in Braila or Galati are the Henry Coanda Airport and the Baneasa Airport, both of them located in Bucharest, capital of Romania.

Some companies that offer car rental services in Braila also offer a service called Take-over or Pick-up from the 2 airports that I’ve already told you about for a fee of 85 Euros or $125.

If you need to rent a car in Braila or in Galati and you need this service too then contact us by commentin below or by using the contact page.

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