Rent A Car In Braila – Romania. Available Cars And Prices

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If you are a stranger coming to Braila then you should know that the easiest option for you is to rent a car. The city of Braila isn’t large but isn’t small either so if you travel either for business purposes or for leisure you need to know that you can find an available car before your arrival. Near Braila is the city of Galati (less than 20 km), a major city in the country. So if your travel includes visiting Galati and you didn’t see a map, you should know this.

Now there are only 2 big rent a car companies in Braila:


This company has 4 cars available for renting: 2 2010 Skoda Octavia 3 both starting at 32 Euros a day( almost $40 a day) for >6 days , 1 2011 Peugeot 308 CC which starts at 40 Euros a day for >10 days and 1 2010 Ford Focus which starts at 19 Euros a day for >20 days renting.

2.Univip rent a car.

This company has 3 Dacia Logan with a price of 22 Euro/ day for over 6 days, 1 Hyundai Accent at 30 Euro/day for over 6 days and a Toyota Yaris for 32 Euro/day for over 6 days renting.

If you want to rent a car in Braila then you must know that a service of take-over is available from the 2 Bucharest airports.

In the future article we will discuss about the cars available and which one suits you best.

If you are interested in booking a car just contact us.

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